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Rated 2.73/5 - 241 Votes

Move through the universe to gather as many planets and asteroids in your very own solar system as possible. The more planets and asteroids you have, the more points you get! Solar is also on the Xbox 360!

Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to move your sun around. Move across planets to pull them into orbit. Move planets near asteroids to pull the asteroids into orbit.
Solar Highscores

Solar Highscores

tiger69.2755 years, 128 days ago
~penguin~58.0305 years, 129 days ago
Sjames353.1415 years, 99 days ago
4Nutkayz44.8345 years, 108 days ago
5andi43.5204 years, 215 days ago
6STEPPENWOLF42.9651 year, 60 days ago
7AdorableButch38.6715 years, 88 days ago
8jhaeng04 years, 91 days ago


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