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Rated 2.88/5 - 273 Votes
Redneck Olympics

Compete in the Redneck Olympics and claim your prize as the top Monster Truck Drivin, Hog Tossin and Pumpkin Shootin competitor ever alive! Play the 3 minigames inside and get a nice score.

Arrow keys are used to drive the monster truck. Mouse is used to throw the hog and shoot the pumpkins.
Redneck Olympics Highscores

All Events

Nutkayz39.3745 years, 19 days ago
Gerone38.7234 years, 237 days ago
xjjx90936.2245 years, 129 days ago
4grant9234.7005 years, 166 days ago
5Supel33.7073 years, 320 days ago
6abusiveGamer33.2535 years, 166 days ago
7jhaeng32.5323 years, 226 days ago
8ToriDanette30.2801 year, 222 days ago
9STEPPENWOLF29.7302 years, 49 days ago
10jawor26.6855 years, 114 days ago
11matysnake24.9954 years, 266 days ago
12Baller23.1855 years, 166 days ago
13~penguin~22.4005 years, 140 days ago
14joonner21.9495 years, 166 days ago
15110910dekriz21.0953 years, 320 days ago
16buz20.0894 years, 165 days ago

Car Crushin

Supel19.6903 years, 320 days ago
Nutkayz16.5205 years, 19 days ago
xjjx90915.1055 years, 129 days ago
4abusiveGamer14.9255 years, 166 days ago
5Lion MacLeod12.8655 years, 56 days ago
6~penguin~12.4003 years, 227 days ago
7jhaeng11.4604 years, 185 days ago
8brown bear10.625231 days, 1 hour ago
9pluisje10.3402 years, 47 days ago
10ToriDanette8.5652 years, 49 days ago
11buz6.6654 years, 165 days ago

Hog Toss

mouser59.7471 year, 323 days ago
Nutkayz31.1095 years, 19 days ago
jhaeng12.7613 years, 226 days ago
4STEPPENWOLF9.8732 years, 49 days ago
5ToriDanette9.4452 years, 50 days ago
6pluisje6.2302 years, 47 days ago
7abusiveGamer5.6115 years, 166 days ago
8Lion MacLeod5.5985 years, 56 days ago
9~penguin~5.3225 years, 140 days ago

Pumpkin Shoot

jhaeng12.7772 years, 292 days ago
Nutkayz11.8345 years, 114 days ago
jawor11.2965 years, 114 days ago
4abusiveGamer10.0725 years, 166 days ago
5STEPPENWOLF5.8552 years, 49 days ago
6pluisje5.8502 years, 47 days ago
7~penguin~5.1235 years, 140 days ago
8Lion MacLeod5.1085 years, 56 days ago


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