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Rated 2.62/5 - 210 Votes

Primary is about Roy, a super soldier in the land of the Hueman, who must climb to the top of Prizim tower to try to find a way to close the portal that is allowing horrible black creatures into his world. Finish all floors and enter the elevator to get to the next level.

Press W to jump, A and D to move left and right. Press S to go invisible when yellow or drop from aledge when hanging. J K L or clicking the screen changes the color of your body. The space bar does an action for each ability. Press R to flip switches and enter doorways. The first level contains a quick tutorial so you know what you're doing.
Primary Highscores

Level 1

Lion MacLeod13s 953ms4 years, 145 days ago
~penguin~15s 578ms3 years, 236 days ago
Nutkayz28s 828ms3 years, 144 days ago

Level 2

Lion MacLeod15s 678ms4 years, 145 days ago
~penguin~28s 485ms4 years, 147 days ago

Level 3

Lion MacLeod39s 947ms4 years, 138 days ago
~penguin~41s 321ms4 years, 139 days ago

Level 4

Lion MacLeod1m 29s4 years, 145 days ago

Level 5

Lion MacLeod1m 10s4 years, 145 days ago

Level 6

Lion MacLeod53s 767ms4 years, 145 days ago

Level 7

Lion MacLeod29s 100ms4 years, 145 days ago

Level 8

Lion MacLeod59s 223ms4 years, 145 days ago

Level 9

Lion MacLeod1m 32s4 years, 145 days ago


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