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Rated 2.92/5 - 265 Votes
Nitro Platform

Collect stars jumping from block to block but, be careful! Blocks will start to explode, the more you jump, the more blocks will explode. Good luck!
Nitro Platform Highscores

Level 1

Lion MacLeod465 years, 56 days ago
Nutkayz375 years, 108 days ago
~penguin~155 years, 110 days ago

Level 2

Lion MacLeod1024 years, 80 days ago
Nutkayz325 years, 108 days ago

Level 3

Lion MacLeod404 years, 79 days ago
Nutkayz285 years, 79 days ago

Level 4

Lion MacLeod324 years, 79 days ago
Nutkayz105 years, 108 days ago

Level 6

Lion MacLeod174 years, 80 days ago
Nutkayz125 years, 35 days ago
~penguin~25 years, 79 days ago
4pluisje01 year, 171 days ago
5langerik01 year, 170 days ago


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1Lion MacLeod272
10brown bear41
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