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Rated 2.89/5 - 193 Votes
Kart On

Fun racing game, play over six different tracks to beat your opponents. Play different modes like Sunday Cup, Professional Championship or Time Trial.

Use the arrow keys to drive.
Kart On Highscores

After Barn

matty9425s 933ms2 years, 268 days ago
~penguin~26s 700ms2 years, 207 days ago
matty-ladd-9426s 966ms2 years, 269 days ago
4robsterhughes27s 200ms2 years, 263 days ago

Gravity Ring

matty9428s 366ms2 years, 268 days ago
matty-ladd-9429s 33ms2 years, 269 days ago
robsterhughes35s 933ms2 years, 264 days ago

Long Way Ground

matty-ladd-9428s 700ms2 years, 269 days ago
matty9428s 933ms2 years, 268 days ago
robsterhughes34s 633ms2 years, 264 days ago


matty9424s 533ms2 years, 268 days ago
matty-ladd-9424s 966ms2 years, 269 days ago
~penguin~27s 800ms2 years, 326 days ago
4robsterhughes29s 166ms2 years, 263 days ago

Sand Back

matty-ladd-9425s 900ms2 years, 269 days ago
robsterhughes27s 833ms2 years, 240 days ago
~penguin~31s 566ms2 years, 326 days ago


matty9424s 400ms2 years, 268 days ago
matty-ladd-9424s 866ms2 years, 269 days ago
robsterhughes28s 633ms2 years, 263 days ago
4~penguin~29s 66ms2 years, 326 days ago


2 years, 284 days ago
# by Lion MacLeod
Doesn't work on my pc (FF7)...
2 years, 259 days ago
# by gbd laad
Calm down laad ..no need for that
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