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Rated 2.89/5 - 151 Votes

Set somewhere in the distant galaxy, Galaxoball is a head to head marble rolling racing game. You must beat your opponent in a race around five different circuits, using your boost wisely for that extra burst of speed when you need it most.

There are three modes of play - Versus Mode where you take on the computer, Time Trial Mode where you can race against your own best ghost lap (great for practising the circuits), and the unlockabe Multi Ghost Mode where you can compete against the rest of the world for the best lap of the day for each circuit. If you succeed in breaking the day's track record, your ghost lap is saved for others to race against.
Galaxoball Highscores

1. Orion Cicuit

Glichman2961 year, 292 days ago
tiger3023 years, 202 days ago
~penguin~3033 years, 236 days ago
4Supel3073 years, 267 days ago
5mouser3491 year, 106 days ago
6pluisje3551 year, 106 days ago
7ToriDanette3972 years, 142 days ago
8STEPPENWOLF4461 year, 325 days ago

2. Andromeda Circuit

Worzel518308 days, 3 hours ago
~penguin~5373 years, 236 days ago
Supel5523 years, 267 days ago

Aquila Circuit

~penguin~6753 years, 234 days ago
Supel6763 years, 267 days ago

Crux Circuit

Worzel265308 days, 4 hours ago
Exody2733 years, 235 days ago
Supel2763 years, 267 days ago
4ToriDanette3732 years, 296 days ago

Pegasus Circuit

Worzel599308 days, 3 hours ago
~penguin~6293 years, 234 days ago
Supel6323 years, 267 days ago


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