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Rated 2.91/5 - 234 Votes
Frantic 2

Time to blow up some more colourful spaceships, this time with style. Many more levels, ships and 30 unique bosses! Loads of upgradables, unlockables and achievements. Deep high scoring system. Insane bullet patterns. Tons of extra features and difficulty modes. Enjoy!

Use the Mouse or Keyboard See in game for more info.
Frantic 2 Highscores

Bosses: Easy

jodotflash1.266.3973 years, 281 days ago
langerik53.68756 days, 12 hours ago

Bosses: Frantic

jodotflash269.2353 years, 278 days ago

Bosses: Intense

jodotflash236.3213 years, 274 days ago

Bosses: Medium

jodotflash865.2533 years, 281 days ago

Episode 1: Easy

jodotflash22.199.4303 years, 282 days ago
Lion MacLeod5.551.4544 years, 224 days ago
andi4.165.8334 years, 212 days ago
4mouser3.292.0451 year, 297 days ago
5Frisco - Belgie3.166.1834 years, 184 days ago
6STEPPENWOLF2.416.401111 days, 2 hours ago
7langerik2.275.41856 days, 12 hours ago
8the bear1.708.20948 days, 19 hours ago
9Worzel1.463.505107 days, 8 hours ago
10Barbrulz1.074.7564 years, 161 days ago
11~penguin~717.0954 years, 224 days ago

Episode 1: Frantic

jodotflash183.370.5123 years, 278 days ago
Lion MacLeod6.655.3344 years, 223 days ago

Episode 1: Hard

jodotflash5.373.4703 years, 280 days ago
Barna491.713.0443 years, 287 days ago

Episode 1: Intense

jodotflash475.3413 years, 278 days ago

Episode 1: Medium

jodotflash11.848.9093 years, 286 days ago

Episode 2: Easy

jodotflash19.399.0843 years, 286 days ago
mouser3.806.6741 year, 297 days ago

Episode 2: Frantic

jodotflash106.272.5083 years, 285 days ago

Episode 2: Hard

jodotflash36.684.3453 years, 285 days ago

Episode 2: Intense

jodotflash72.872.8003 years, 279 days ago

Episode 2: Medium

jodotflash11.319.3653 years, 285 days ago

Episode 3: Easy

jodotflash10.021.4983 years, 285 days ago

Episode 3: Frantic

jodotflash5.574.4773 years, 281 days ago

Episode 3: Hard

jodotflash17.857.9833 years, 282 days ago

Episode 3: Intense

jodotflash36.788.5843 years, 280 days ago

Episode 3: Medium

jodotflash12.056.9293 years, 285 days ago


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