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Rated 3.04/5 - 273 Votes

Assembler is a physics based puzzle game by Bryce Summer, made using the AS3 version of the Box2D physics engine. The goal in Assembler is to get the key shape, which is green, in the key shape zone, which is a green outline. Use the mouse to move the shapes... That's about it, have fun!
Assembler Highscores

Level 1

Lion MacLeod0s 950ms139 days, 0 hours ago
Nutkayz1s 40ms4 years, 355 days ago
Barna491s 210ms3 years, 205 days ago
4tiger1s 210ms3 years, 106 days ago
5brown bear1s 260ms139 days, 12 hours ago
6Supel1s 280ms3 years, 168 days ago
7AdorableButch1s 390ms4 years, 353 days ago
8pluisje1s 430ms270 days, 9 hours ago
9jawor1s 630ms4 years, 356 days ago
10Gerone1s 910ms4 years, 140 days ago
11~penguin~1s 910ms3 years, 135 days ago
12langerik2s 309ms1 year, 183 days ago
13xjjx9092s 609ms5 years, 34 days ago
14EmmaLee54s 149ms268 days, 11 hours ago

Level 10

Lion MacLeod6s 609ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear8s 249ms269 days, 12 hours ago
Barna498s 519ms3 years, 205 days ago
4Nutkayz10s 429ms4 years, 355 days ago
5~penguin~39s 220ms4 years, 354 days ago

Level 11

Barna498s 679ms3 years, 290 days ago
brown bear11s 9ms158 days, 10 hours ago
Lion MacLeod12s 259ms158 days, 17 hours ago
4Nutkayz18s 600ms4 years, 353 days ago
5~penguin~23s 290ms4 years, 354 days ago

Level 12

Lion MacLeod0s 890ms147 days, 17 hours ago
Barna491s 760ms3 years, 290 days ago
brown bear2s 50ms158 days, 10 hours ago
4Nutkayz2s 559ms4 years, 355 days ago

Level 13

Lion MacLeod2s 40ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear2s 549ms158 days, 9 hours ago

Level 14

Lion MacLeod4s 609ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear4s 829ms158 days, 9 hours ago

Level 15

Lion MacLeod3s 359ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear3s 609ms158 days, 11 hours ago

Level 16

Lion MacLeod8s 679ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear10s 309ms158 days, 11 hours ago

Level 17

Lion MacLeod5s 689ms147 days, 17 hours ago
Barna495s 739ms3 years, 290 days ago
brown bear10s 579ms158 days, 11 hours ago

Level 18

brown bear22s 520ms272 days, 7 hours ago
Lion MacLeod1m 8s147 days, 17 hours ago
Barna491m 12s3 years, 290 days ago

Level 2

Lion MacLeod1s 810ms139 days, 0 hours ago
brown bear1s 870ms269 days, 14 hours ago
pluisje1s 970ms272 days, 3 hours ago
4Barna492s 0ms3 years, 205 days ago
5Supel2s 99ms3 years, 168 days ago
6tiger2s 169ms3 years, 106 days ago
7Nutkayz3s 79ms4 years, 355 days ago
8jawor3s 349ms4 years, 356 days ago
9AdorableButch3s 419ms4 years, 353 days ago
10Gerone4s 569ms4 years, 140 days ago
11langerik4s 829ms1 year, 183 days ago
12~penguin~5s 689ms3 years, 135 days ago
13EmmaLee18s 90ms268 days, 11 hours ago

Level 3

Lion MacLeod4s 349ms147 days, 18 hours ago
brown bear4s 489ms158 days, 11 hours ago
Barna495s 399ms3 years, 290 days ago
4Nutkayz5s 599ms4 years, 354 days ago
5~penguin~5s 689ms3 years, 135 days ago
6pluisje6s 729ms272 days, 3 hours ago
7jawor7s 939ms4 years, 356 days ago
8tiger8s 39ms3 years, 106 days ago
9langerik13s 979ms1 year, 183 days ago
10Supel14s 809ms3 years, 168 days ago

Level 4

~penguin~0s 340ms3 years, 135 days ago
Lion MacLeod0s 390ms147 days, 18 hours ago
Supel0s 450ms3 years, 168 days ago
4brown bear0s 480ms155 days, 6 hours ago
5Nutkayz0s 680ms4 years, 355 days ago
6Barna490s 700ms3 years, 205 days ago
7jawor0s 870ms4 years, 356 days ago
8pluisje1s 280ms272 days, 3 hours ago
9EmmaLee6s 899ms268 days, 11 hours ago

Level 5

brown bear7s 279ms154 days, 9 hours ago
Nutkayz8s 229ms4 years, 355 days ago
Barna498s 739ms3 years, 205 days ago
4jawor9s 29ms4 years, 356 days ago
5Lion MacLeod10s 69ms147 days, 18 hours ago
6~penguin~19s 700ms4 years, 354 days ago

Level 6

Lion MacLeod4s 899ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear5s 439ms269 days, 13 hours ago
Nutkayz6s 719ms4 years, 354 days ago
4jawor7s 809ms4 years, 356 days ago
5Barna4911s 59ms3 years, 290 days ago
6~penguin~11s 799ms4 years, 354 days ago

Level 7

brown bear4s 679ms269 days, 13 hours ago
Barna495s 449ms3 years, 205 days ago
Nutkayz8s 109ms4 years, 353 days ago
4Lion MacLeod8s 249ms147 days, 17 hours ago
5jawor14s 769ms4 years, 356 days ago
6~penguin~17s 409ms4 years, 354 days ago

Level 8

Lion MacLeod5s 679ms147 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear6s 49ms269 days, 13 hours ago
Barna497s 259ms3 years, 205 days ago
4Nutkayz9s 829ms4 years, 353 days ago
5~penguin~19s 700ms4 years, 354 days ago

Level 9

Lion MacLeod12s 19ms158 days, 17 hours ago
brown bear13s 769ms269 days, 13 hours ago
Barna4914s 129ms3 years, 290 days ago
4Nutkayz20s 500ms4 years, 353 days ago
5~penguin~35s 130ms4 years, 354 days ago


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